Consent and Capacity Board

At Ahmad-Yousuf & Associates, all of our lawyers regularly represent individuals in disputes regarding their capacity to make decisions about their lives. Often, we are contacted by rights advisors who are familiar with our work. We also get calls from individuals who are facing capacity issues as well as their family members.

Our clients have been:

  • Deemed incapable to make decisions regarding treatment, including admission to a care facility (e.g. a “home”)
  • Deemed incapable to make decisions regarding their own property or finances
  • Involuntarily admitted to a hospital

We help our clients and their families navigate Consent and Capacity Board hearings to dispute their admission or finding of incapacity.

What Happens at the Hearings?

Some of the issues covered a board meetings include:

  • Whether the client is a danger to him/herself or others
  • Treatment available to the client
  • All relevant evidence, including medical evidence
  • The role of friends and family in the client’s life
  • Plans for the client’s living arrangements

The hearing is held at a Tribunal, not court. This means that:

  • The atmosphere is a little less formal
  • There are no judges
  • The decisions will be made by a panel made up of community members, lawyers and doctors
  • There are still rules of evidence and procedure

Contact Our Consent and Capacity Lawyers

If you, a patient or a family member are dealing with issues of consent and capacity, call Ahmad-Yousuf & Associates at (613) 236-1111 or contact us through email.

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